Negative Energy Generation

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Negative Energy Generation

I performed a simulation for a Solar PV system. I get the following values.
I fail to understand the negative energy values.Moreover, the value is too low.

Metric Value
Annual energy (year 1) -3,216,494 kWh
Capacity factor (year 1) -3,444.6%
Energy yield (year 1) -301,746 kWh/kW
Performance ratio (year 1) -179.59
PPA price (year 1) 1000.00 ¢/kWh
PPA price escalation 1.00 %/year
Levelized PPA price (nominal) 1072.45 ¢/kWh
Levelized PPA price (real) 851.06 ¢/kWh
Levelized COE (nominal) 228.52 ¢/kWh
Levelized COE (real) 181.35 ¢/kWh
Net present value $-268,574,432
Internal rate of return (IRR) NaN
Year IRR is achieved NaN
IRR at end of project NaN
Net capital cost $-18,646,348
Equity $230,963,280
Size of debt $-249,609,632

Paul Gilman

Dear Aaron,

This looks like there is a problem with the inputs in your file. Could you use the Contact us page to email me a copy of your .sam file?

Best regards,

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