Utility TOU and demand data seems to be skewed on time series graphs

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Utility TOU and demand data seems to be skewed on time series graphs

Hi! New user here. This is my 3rd all up simulation, and I have everything working well, with one exception.This is a largish PV and battery installation, with years of hourly usage data. The utility is Public Service Co. of New Mexico, and rate is 3B, utility-owned transformer.

Here is my problem: When I look at the Time Series graphs of the electric load, and PV system output, and contrast it with the TOU period for demand charges, and TOU period for energy charges, the charge rates seem to be swapped 180 degrees out. That is, day rates for night, summer rates for winter, all weekends at the top rate.

The solar radiation files and building usage plots look good-solar output maximum at noon, peak building usage in daytime,seasonal variations consistent with building function.I also looked at the rate matrices I loaded from openei.org. and they seem consistent with published PNM rates.

I made sure the usage data was consistent with the Jan 1 00:00 am start, per SAM data convention.What am I missing? It really seems to impact the NPV and payoff period.

Thanks for a really comprehensive tool!

Paul Gilman


Would you mind attaching a copy of your .sam file to your original post above (go to the Edit tab, and add an attachment) or email it to me using the website Contact form?

Best regards,

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