CEC Performance Model with User Entered Specification

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CEC Performance Model with User Entered Specification

Hi Paul,

I'm trying to model a PV module that's not in the database using the CEC Performance Model With User Entered Specifications. I'm using the new First Solar Series 6 module. I uploaded the PDF data sheet so you can see the specs that I entered. For some reason the model doesn't like when I choose the CdTE cell type input. These First Solar Series Six modules are pretty large compared to other CdTe modules 180V, 2.37A, 425W panel. It seems when I choose CIGS, Si or another cell type and run the IV curve the model works but just not for CdTe. Any thoughts?


Bill W


Any updates on Bill's issue? I'm having the same trouble - unable to model First Solar Series 6 modules...

Paul Gilman


We're looking into this. You can track progress on the SAM GitHub site:


Best regards,

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