Modeling (only) Batteries

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Modeling (only) Batteries


I am attempting to simulate a project where only batteries are present to mediate the load. However, when I run a photovoltaic system with 0 kW DC sizing, the load still flows through PV prior to flowing through the battery and then the grid (in essence, the PV is still disrupting the system- this causes what looks like the PV to charge the battery, not the grid).

Does anyone know how to (completely) rid a project of its generation aspect? Any help is much appreciated!


Hi asked a similar question a while back see the following link for an answer


Thanks for the link! I'm having an additional problem however that setting the losses to 100% does not fix. I am hoping to simulate PV in a proprietary model and then run battery analysis through SAM. I've been importing the net usage (after PV) which includes negative numbers. These negative numbers feed into the PV system prior to being exported to the grid, however if the battery needs charging during one of these time periods, the energy from PV is used to charge the battery instead.

Any fix for such a situation?

Paul Gilman


Are you importing the "net usage" as load data into SAM? I'm not sure I can think of a way to do what you are describing.

One possibility would be to set up SAM's PV model so that its results are close to those of your other model. You may be able to use the loss inputs to adjust SAM's results to match those from your other model.

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