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Project with imported profiles

Is it possible to create a project with all profiles imported?

For school we need to simulate PV-installation with battery for a residential building connected to grid.
Is it possible to import different profiles for all these types?
*Battery profile (when load and unload)
*Profile for PV installation
*Profile for the residential home/load profile
*A financial profile for the grid, so you can simulate that the battery can charge at nighttime when the energy price is low.

Thank you kindly

Paul Gilman


You can define the battery dispatch schedule on the Battery Storage input page -- look at the Storage Dispatch Controller and Manual Dispatch Model inputs.

The PV output profile depends on the weather data and design of your PV system. You can look at the "System power generated" variable on the Results page to see that information.

The building load is data that you provide on the Electric Load input page. You can use the "Download Electric Load" macro to download data for different kinds of buildings.

You can use the battery manual dispatch model to schedule the battery to operate during periods of low energy prices (determined by the data on the Electricity Rates input page).

You may want to review the list of webinar recordings on the Webinars page to learn more about modeling PV systems with storage:

You can also refer to SAM's help system for information about the models.

Best regards,

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