SAM CSP Linear Fresnel Optical Efficiency Weather Data

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SAM CSP Linear Fresnel Optical Efficiency Weather Data

Dear Paul

I was wondering if SAM calculates the optical efficiency table automatically for CSP Linear Fresnel Molten Salt
using the weather data uploaded? If it does not do that, how can I do that manually and is there any limit for dimension of the
Optical efficiency matrix?

Paul Gilman

Dear Gholamreza,

For the linear Fresnel models, you must provide the solar field optical efficiency data as input to the model on the Collector and Receiver input page. You can provide the data as a table of efficiency values either by solar position or collector incidence angle, or as a set of coefficiencts for an incidence angle modifier (IAM) polynomial equation.

Please see the Help topic for the Collector and Receiver page for more details.

Best regards,

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