Sub hourly data with SDK

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Sub hourly data with SDK


I'm following the example given at using the Python SDK and the input data is shown to be at 30 minute intervals. Does that mean it's possible to use the SDK for sub hourly measurements? I'm a little confused as the description in the PVwatts Version 5 manual says the data has to be hourly (with 8,760 points) or does that mean that when you pass it data, the data has to be in multiples of 8,760 so it can handle it?

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Paul Gilman

In general, the time step of the data in the weather file determines the simulation time step. If you run pvwattsv5 with a weather file that contains 30-minute data, it will generate 30-minute production data.

Also, SAM's code generator is useful for creating Python and other code that sets all the inputs required for a case in SAM. To use it, create a case in SAM, and then press the shift-F5 keys, or choose Generate Code on the case menu.

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