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Documentation for LK

I've just started to learn LK. The syntax seems easy enough to grok, but there's not a lot of documentation on how to do fairly elementary things. Is there a good set of documentation that covers things like how to create a new case and run a simulation. I've watched some of the video, but it only seems to cover how to work with an existing case. I'm working with a batch of parcels and would like to create cases for each. Would it be smarter to create a template case and change only the relevant parameters, system size in my case, then write the output to a file? At any rate, can any tell me if there's document that has details on each of the SAM LK functions? Thanks in advance.


I do believe I answered my own question. Turns out that the ssc guide, 'ssc_guide.pdf' has excellent examples for this sort of thing. Also, does anyone have good Python examples for me to crib off of? Anyway, wrap up, the ssc_guide has a good step by step example of how to build and run a new SAM case.


Actually, no I haven't managed to answer my own question. It looks like the examples in the ssc_guide are very much out of date with regards to the current LK manual.

Paul Gilman


I answered your other post on the main SAM support forum:

There are a few differences in the functions that are available from the script editor in SDKtool than its counterparts in the SAM user interface, but you can use the function reference in each: From SDKtool, click Help to open the function reference; from SAM, click Functions.

As I mentioned in the other post, the LK Guide comes with SAM. It's also available in the SDK (lk_guide.pdf) along with the SSC Guide.

Finally, you can use SAM to generate sample code in any of the languages supported by the SDK, including Python. For more on that, including a video demonstrating how to generate code from SAM, see this post on the SDK support forum:

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