SAM Open Source Webinar

Nicholas DiOrio introduces the SAM Open Source project with a discussion of the motivation for the project, ways researchers and businesses can use the SAM source code, software licenses, and a demonstration of SAM's user interface development environment.

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Transcription of Q&A Session

Hi, So what I get is, there will be two versions in future, the open source version and the one provided by you.
Not exactly. NREL will continue to build versions of the SAM desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux, available on the SAM website. Those versions will be built from the open source code repositories. NREL will not build separate "open source" versions of the application. When people make contributions to the open source repository that are approved, those contributions will become part of the NREL versions of SAM.

If we face any issue during the build process. Where we can contact.
If you have issues with the build process, feel free to reach out to us via Git Issues. Please first make sure that you've followed the complete set of instructions that we've posted on the SAM Github Wiki.

What is the benefit of using the Open Source SAM vs. SSC SDK?
The SAM Software Development Kit (SDK) includes an Application Programming Interface (API) to the SAM Simulation Core (SSC) library and a set of tools to use the API in applications you develop in any of the languages supported by the SDK (C/C++, Python, MATLAB, etc.). Basically the SDK allows you to run SAM from your own programs, but treats SAM as a black box. With the SDK, you interact with the compiled SSC library, but you cannot change the underlying code. The SDK only gives you access to the "compute modules" in SSC, which are the performance and finanancial models you see in the SAM user interface. It does not give you access to SAM's user interface,. The open source project is a repository of all of the source code that is used to build SSC and the SAM user interface (and WEX and LK, which are other libraries SAM uses). You can use those repositories to investigate details of a particular algorithm SAM uses, to change the models, or to add new components to the model, and to build your own versions of SAM.

Is there any way to check that the results that you obtained from SSC SDK which is integrated result of module that is provided is correct?
You can use the tools that come with the SDK to check results, for example SDKtool that Nick demonstrated. Feel free to follow up with us on the for more on that.

Is there any plan to open up the code to different languages (python specifically)?
We do not have any plans to move the SAM code out of C++, but you can easily access the SAM algorithms from many different languages (including Python), by using the SAM software development kit (SDK).

If we already have the non-open source SAM downloaded on our computer do we have to remove it to download the open source program?
No, you can run both versions of SAM simultaneously!

I am new to open source, just interested in some of the equations SAM uses. is the SSC the only one I should download?
Yes, you can find the source code files for the different performance and financial models in SSC, and explore those to find equations.

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