Error running API provided (Cant find PySSC)

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Error running API provided (Cant find PySSC)

I'm trying to run the API codes in Jupyter Notebook with python 2.7 after installing SDK.
However, I keep having same error that it says it can't find the library. Exact error message is copied below:
dlopen(/Applications/sam-sdk-2015-6-30-r3/languages/python/..\..\/osx64/ssc.dylib, 6): image not found

I have downloaded SDK and unzipped and moved to Applications folder but it still can't find the file.
Can someone please help or give me instruction on this?

Paul Gilman


I think you may have better luck generating the Python code from the SAM application using SAM's code generator than using the sample code that comes with the SDK.

To do that, start SAM, create a case or open a .sam file, and then from the Case menu (click the 'v' in the Case tab), click Generate code and choose Python 3. That should create all the files you need to run SSC from Python.

Best regards,


Awesome Paul, it worked like a breeze after generating from SAM Application

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