PPA Single Owner (Utility) - Storage - Enable "Charge from Grid"?

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PPA Single Owner (Utility) - Storage - Enable "Charge from Grid"?


I am using the following SAM: Version 2017.9.5, 64 bit

I am using a PV (Detailed) PPA Single Owner (Utility) model, with Redox Flow storage system.

Under "Manual Dispatch Model" it displays that "Grid charging is disallowed in the front-of-meter charging models, since the model assumes power can only be exported to the grid"

We have a project in which we can purchase power from the grid at night (Charge from Grid) and then we will sell back the power under a PPA to another customer during other high demand periods. We would therefore like to use this option of "Charge from grid".

Is it possible to enable this function under the PPA Single Owner (Utility) model?

Thank you.


Paul Gilman

Dear Bertus,

For now, it is not possible to specify a buy rate for the PPA financial models because they were originally designed for power generation projects, and any electricity costs associated with the project would be accounted for as an operating cost.

We are working on changes to the PPA financial models to account for the cost of purchasing power to charge batteries. In your project, what price are you paying for the power you purchase to charge the battery? Is it a standard retail rate or some kind of special rate? Do the rates involve demand charges, or time-of-use and tiered rates?

Best regards,

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