Customize Micro Inverter Specifications?

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Customize Micro Inverter Specifications?


I'm using SAM to try and generate comparative annual production figures for a solar PV system. It will have LG 315 Watt modules and I'm wanting to evaluate the output with the M250 micro inverter (now out of production) and also with the AP Systems YC500i.

I'd like to be able to change some of the parameters for the micro inverters, eg/ Maximum AC Power on the "Inverter" page and I was wondering if there is any way to do this?


Paul Gilman

Dear Pavesa,

Thank you for the message. To model inverters not in the library, or to use your own parameters for an inverter, use the "Inverter Datasheet" option on the Inverters input page. You can find that option in the blue drop-down list at the top of the Inverter input page.

Best regards,


Hi Paul

thanks, I'll take a look!

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