error 612 when displaying report on pvsystems

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fatima ibrahim ...
error 612 when displaying report on pvsystems

i updated the latest version 2017 and when i create a report it shows the performance model but does not display the financial aspect instead about four error messages error 612... i have uninstalled and reinstalled but still no progress.

Paul Gilman

Dear Fatima,

This is because of a bug in the report generator. Please use the following steps to replace the report generator in your SAM installation:

  1. Download this new pv.samreport file. (You may need to right-click or control-click the link to download the file instead of opening it.)
  2. If SAM is running, close it.
  3. Go to the installation folder, which should be C:/SAM/2017.9.5 by default. If you are on a Mac, open a Finder window, control- or right-click the SAM icon, and then choose Show Package Contents.
  4. Go to the /runtime/reports folder. You should see three .samreport files.
  5. Replace the pv.samreport file with the one you downloaded in Step 1.

Best regards,

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