Obtaining Electric Load Profiles using SDK

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Obtaining Electric Load Profiles using SDK


I am looking to obtain residential electric load profiles by TMY3 location. I know there is a database hosted by the NREL OpenEI website of the Hourly Load Profiles for all TMY3 Locations, but wanted to know if this data is able to be sourced using SSC SDK modules or by another source. Thanks


Paul Gilman

Dear Kevin,

You can use the "Download Electric Load" macro in SAM to access the data:

  1. Start SAM, and open or create a project with the Detailed Photovoltaic or PVWatts performance model and Residential financial model.
  2. Click Macros at the bottom left of the Main window, under the Simulate button.
  3. Click Download Electric Load and read the description of the macro and instructions.

This code is not part of SSC, so you cannot access it using the SDK. However, if you are using the SDK to run SAM, you could write your own code to access the load data based on the macro's LK script. To see the macro's script, click View code at the top of the Macro page. The load data files are stored as CSV files that you can download via HTTP, which you can do with a single line of code. Most of the script determines the TMY3 ID from the latitude and longitude in the weather file, which is a little more complicated and requires an API key from the NREL Developer Network.

Best regards,

To i

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