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SDK with Python


Does anyone know how to model a resdential PV system with Storage in SDK using Python API? If anyone has an example let me know.




It is possible to create some sample code, either Python 2 or 3, via SAM itself. Something like this:

  1. Execute SAM
  2. Choose Photovoltaic (Detailed) and Residential (Distributed)
  3. Choose the Battery option
  4. Enable Battery
  5. Under the filename "pulldown" (untitled ?) choose 'Generate code ...'
  6. Choose your language and then the file location

This will give some Python code, and a couple of files. If this doesn't work for you I can attach the sample I just created.

Kind regards


Paul Gilman

Here's a quick video showing the steps to generate and run Python script from a SAM case:

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