Using SAM with SolarAnywhere TMY and CEC heat transfer model

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Using SAM with SolarAnywhere TMY and CEC heat transfer model

I am trying to use SAM with SolarAnywhere TMY data and I would like to be able to use the CEC heat transfer module for cell temperature correction. Currently, using a SA weather file (converted with the SA converter provided on the samples page) results in cell temperatures >300deg C (Files attached).

From looking through the forum it looks like the CEC heat transfer model requires data for pressure, wind direction and dew point, but SA TMYs do not contain these values. Are there placeholder values that can be substituted into these columns to get reasonable results (perhaps reducing the model to a simple expression like what PVsyst uses)?

Paul Gilman

Dear Casey,

You might want to try downloading a TMY file from the NREL NSRDB database (click "Download" on the Location and Resource page, and then type the latitude and longitude or street address of the project location). That file will contain all of the required meteorological data for SAM's heat transfer cell temperature model.

I'm hesitant to suggest using "placeholder" data for those values Instead, you might compare results for the NSRDB weather file with the heat transfer cell temperature model to results for the SA weather file with the default NOCT cell temperature model to gain some insight into the significance of the cell temperature calculations on your analysis.

Best regards,


THanks for your help, Paul.
It worked for me.

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