Monthly daywise energy yield for 25 years

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Monthly daywise energy yield for 25 years

How I can get monthly day wise energy yield for 25yrs/ selected duration in form of excel from sam.

Paul Gilman


You can use the Profiles tab on the Results page to generate a set of 24-hour profiles for each month of the year. To get that data into Excel, you can right-click each graph and choose the appropriate option.

In most situations, SAM runs a single, one-year simulation to calculate the system's hourly output, and then uses a derating factor to adjust the total annual output in later years in the project cash flow. That means that for a 25-year analysis period, it does not generate an hourly or subhourly data set for each of the 25 years.

The exception is when you run the PV model with lifetime simulations enabled. In that case, SAM does run a separate simulation for each year, but it uses the same weather file for each year. In that case, you can export the 25-year data from the Data Tables tab on the Results page, but you cannot export a set of daily profiles for each year.

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