Installing and using SAM on ubuntu/python

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Installing and using SAM on ubuntu/python

I installed SAM (linux) on the server.


I also copied the file from the distribution.

I tried running the code at but ran into some challenges.

What are the other missing steps that others have taken?

I would love to connect with anyone that is using the python wrapper on ubuntu to talk to SAM sdk only without running the full app and from python.


Paul Gilman

Dear Vishal,

Please search this forum for answers to your questions. Two colleagues have developed Python wrappers for SSC that are more "Pythonic" than the one that comes with the SAM SDK -- you can find links to those on the SDK forum. There are also some discussions of the sample code provided on the NSRDB website.

Best regards,


Thank you. I have started playing with both and will revert with questions I know I am sure to have as well as any feedback and notes that make it easier for the rest of the community. Cheers.

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