Understanding losses diagram and results

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Understanding losses diagram and results


I'm trying following the method recommended in another topic, subtracting the percentage from 1.0 and then multiplying, but I still can't make sense of these losses or the resulting kWh production.

I've attached two loss diagrams for two systems which are identical in size, module model number, and resource location but using different inverters. As you can see, the Nominal DC Energy for each system is the same, but the Net DC Energy is different (makes sense since one uses microinverters and the other string inverters). But, upon inspection of the individual losses, it seems to me like the system with the greater magnitude of losses is also the one with the higher resulting Net DC Energy ??

System 1 loss calculation (1-10.212%)*(1-0.123%)*(1-0.497%)*(1-1.991%) = 87.5%
System 2 loss calculation (1-10.212%)*(1-1.973%)*(1-0.493%)*(1-1.973%) = 85.9%

But System 2 ends up with a Net DC Energy which is 1.3% higher than System 1.

Not an incredibly large amount in the grand scheme of things, but this propagates into a slightly higher ROI for a seemingly worse system, so I'd like to understand the "whys" and "hows" so I can explain my report...


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