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Dear Paul

For PPA single owner(utility) model with 12 modules per string and 333 string parallel and 18 inverter, i want to consider my system to be with 0 shading, if i dont edit shading either 3D shading or etc, it will assume that shading will be 0 and give me correct results?

Paul Gilman

Dear Saman,

Yes. When you create a new Detailed Photovoltaic model case, the shading loss input tables are disabled by default. You can check this on the Shading and Snow input page by clicking the Edit shading button for each active Subarray, and making sure all of the enable check boxes are clear.

Note that self shading is separate, and is also disabled by default. You can enable or disable self shading using the Self shading option on the Shading and Snow input page.

Best regards,

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