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Tracking System


is it possible to model a system with tracking system in SAM , and also for system with multiple azimuth the best solution is subarray?

Regarding the tracking if can how and is there any sample SAM system in NREL website that we can refer to?


Paul Gilman

Dear Saman,

I assume you are asking about SAM's photovoltaic models. Yes, it is possible to model photovoltaic arrays with tracking. For the Detailed Photovoltaic model, you choose the tracking options on the System Design input page: One-axis tracking, two-axis tracking, azimuth-axis tracking, or seasonal-tilt tracking (by month). For PVWatts, you choose an Array type on the System Desing input page: One-axis, or two-axis.

For the Detailed Photovoltaic model, you can model an array with sections that have different orientations and tracking by dividing the array into subarrays. You do that on the System Design page by checking the Enable box and typing the number of strings in each subarray. Note that all of the subarrays in the array must have the same number of modules per string.

Please refer to SAM's Help system for more details about the tracking options.

Best regards,

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