Bug in Plant Specs Biomass Combustion Model

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Bug in Plant Specs Biomass Combustion Model


There must be a problem with the option "Enable time of dispatch schedule" in the Plant Spec of the biomass combustion model.

If I introduce more than 1% (0,1) in the fractional generation capacity input I receive the following message:

exec fail (biopower): fractional generation capacity exceeds boiler design for period2
Simulation biomass failed
SSC requries input "gen", but was not foung in the SAM UI or from previous
Simulation singleower failed.!

Attached is the 2017 SAM file I am using as example.

If I introduce less, for example, 0.09, the problem disappears. But of course, this value is nonsense.

On the contrary, the 2014 version works correctly.

The only way 2017 version can works in increasing Boilder overdesign factor in 100%. This is nosense.

In short, the 2014 version works. The 2017 no.

Please, check the files attached.

Paul Gilman


I think there may be a bug in the power cycle time-of-dispatch calculations for the Biomass power. We are looking into the issue now. In the meantime, please do not enable the time-of-dispatch schedule option on the Plant Specs input page.

Best regards,

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