Input variables of SSC tcstrough_physical

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Input variables of SSC tcstrough_physical


I have a question about the input variables in tcstrough_physical SSC.

1. 'hx_config',is there any explanation for the number represent for heat exchanger type. Like '0' represent for shell-tube heat exchanger.

2. If I have already selected the fluid number, such as 3 represent for VP-1 as field HTF and 0 represent for Hitec Solar Salt as storage fluid, do I still fill the inputs of 'field_fl_props' and 'store_fl_props'?

3. Any recommend for inputs 'dt_hot' and 'dt_cold'. I filled 5 and 5 for a 100MW CSP with 7h of TES and the simulation show as followed:

tcstrough_physical errors:
time 0.00 { Controller 3 }:
Heat exchanger sizing failed
unit 3 (Controller) type 'sam_mw_trough_type251' failed at initialization
exec fail(tcstrough_physical): there was a problem simulating in tcskernel(physical trough)

I have already try different 'dt_hot' and 'dt_cold' and examined other inputs. It doesn't work.
Looking forward for your reply and thanks for all your help.



I have already solved the problem I posted before based on your previous reply to other reseachers.
Thanks for your hard work.

Best wishes!


Paul Gilman

Dear Bing,

Thank you for letting me know.

Best regards,

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