tcstrough-physical example failed in matlab

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tcstrough-physical example failed in matlab


I was attempting to run the tcstrough_physical model with Matlab. I receive an error:

tcstrough_physical errors:
time 0.00 { Controller 3 }:
Heat exchanger sizing failed
unit 3 (Controller) type 'sam_mw_trough_type251' failed at initialization
exec fail(tcstrough_physical): there was a problem simulating in tcskernel(physical trough)

I have already examined the input parameters carefully. In addition,I can't find the explanation for 'hx_config'.

The .m and weather file are as attached. Is there any clue when that might happen?

Kind regards

Paul Gilman


The hx_config input is a variable that determines the method SAM uses to model the performance of the heat exchanger between the solar field and thermal energy storage system for indirect storage where a heat exchanger is present. The desktop version of SAM sets the value to 2, which results in the "effectiveness-NTU method for a counter-flow arrangement" described in Section 4.2 of Wagner (2011) "Technical Manual for the SAM Physical Trough Model."

In general, you can use SAM's code generator to create files for the SDK in different languages, including for MATLAB to see how the desktop version of SAM assigns values to the SSC input variables. The code generator is one of the options on the Case tab in a SAM project.

Best regards,

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