How do you use SAM with Microinverters (APSystems)

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How do you use SAM with Microinverters (APSystems)

The SAM setup seems to only allow string inverters... As most installs are shifting to microinverters and APSystems is the manufacturer of choice for these products I'd like to know how to use them here.

Is there a pre-made datafile for the YC-500A and YC-500i at 240v, YC-1000 3 phase in 208v, 480v with the correct settings and inputs?

Paul Gilman


You can use SAM's detailed photovoltaic to model PV systems with either string inverters or microinverters. For a system with microinverters, you'll set the number of modules per string to 1, and the number of inverters equal to the number of strings in parallel. Those inputs are on the System Design input page.

You'll also need to set the module mismatch loss on the Losses input page to zero -- you can click the Microinverters button under "Default DC Losses" to set loss values to their default values for a system with microinverters.

The inverters you provide datasheets for are available in the CEC inverter library for the Inverter CEC Database model option on the Inverters page.

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