SSC Guide Missing From SDK

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SSC Guide Missing From SDK

Recently I downloaded the SAM SDK, v.2.17r2.

The SSC_Guide PDF is missing from this download. Is there an alternate location where I can download the guide directly? I've attached an image of the unzipped download for reference. Also, I the PDF is not present in the unzipped files.


For others who may have this issue, I downloaded the 2016.3.14 SDK and this download did contain the SSC_guide PDF.

The differences can most likely be seen the in release notes. I'll be using this at a risk until the newest SSC_guide is available.

Paul Gilman

Dear Mark,

Thank you for pointing out the omission. I've added the SSC and LK guides to the SDK 2017.1.17 package.

The only difference between the current SSC guide and those from previous versions is a new short section describing the Code Generator feature in SAM.

Best regards,

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