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Registering SAM


I am facing issues when registering SAM.
I get the message

SAM could not connect to NREL servers to verify your registration key.
This might be caused by a problem with your internet connection. Click Confirm to try again or Skip for now to continue without registering.

when starting up for the first time.

And when I click confirm with the provided key, I get the following

The registration key could not be verified. Please check the key and internet connection.

I am using a Mac with Sierra Installed.
I have disabled the firewall and tried with the same result.
I am not connecting to the internet via a proxy.

Could you please help me in registering SAM?

Best regards,


Paul Gilman

Dear Nuwan,

I emailed you a registration key that should work.

Please let me know if you continue to have trouble.

Best regards,

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