Sun shape

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Paul Gilman
Sun shape

Could you please tell me what kind of sun shape does the program use for the image distribution of heliostats in the receiver on top of the tower? I can’t see any reference in the model.

SAM's SolarPILOT optimization algorithm uses the "limb darkened" sun shape from the DELSOL3 model, as described in Wagner 2008 and Kistler 1986, which are both referenced under "Power Tower" on the Performance Model Documentation page of this website:

The original sun shape approach is described in the following article:

Walzel, M.; Lipps, F.; Vant-Hull, L. (1977). A Solar Flux Density Calculation for a Solar Tower Concentrator Using a Two-Dimensional Hermite Function Expansion. Solar Energy, Vol. 19, pp. 239-253.

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