Load profile based on selected weather station

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Michael Bishop
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Load profile based on selected weather station

I appreciate that OpenEI load profiles are available in SAM. My understanding is that the load profile on the 'Electric Load' tab is associated with the weather station on the 'Location and Resource' tab. But the 'Electric Load' tab information doesn't change when I select a different weather file on the 'Location and Resource' tab?

My project type is: PVWatts, Commercial. I haven't selected the option to normal load profile to monthly totals. Please let me know if I can give additional information about my SAM setup.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Paul Gilman

Dear Michael,

You are correct to observe that the electric load data for residential and commercial systems should be different for different locations (and, for that matter, for different applications in the same location). However, SAM does not automatically change the load data when you change the weather file on the Location and Resource page. It is your responsibility to provide appropriate load data for your analysis.

For residential systems, if you use the "Calculate Load Data" option on the Electric Load page, SAM does calculate a new load profile when you change the location and resource data. The inputs do not change (you have to change those yourself), but the Building Energy Load Profile Estimator model results do change. You can see those on the Electric Load page by clicking View load data or on the Results page after running a simulation.

For commercial systems, you can run the "Download Electric Load" macro as I described in response to your other question here: https://sam.nrel.gov/node/73505.

Best regards,

Michael Bishop
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Got it Paul, thank you.


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