About storage system in Grid connected PV_Battery system

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Thofa Tazkia
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About storage system in Grid connected PV_Battery system

My question is the storage system what is available in SAM is connected in AC line Which is actually a AC coupled PV battery system.In AC coupled system there is two way conversion factor to charge the battery.Is there any storage system which is connected to DC line means Battery will be charged by direct PV DC line by a DC/DC converter.And there will be only 1 inverter in whole PV_Battery system.

Paul Gilman

Dear Thofa,

Thank you for the message. You are correct that the PV battery model in SAM 2016.3.14 can only model AC-coupled batteries. We have described a workaround for modeling DC-coupled batteries elsewhere in this forum.

The newest version of SAM, which we are releasing today, can model both AC- and DC-coupled PV battery systems.

Best regards,

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