Multiple location request from NSRDB-SDK

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Tom Hardy
Multiple location request from NSRDB-SDK


I want to make use of the automated download of data from NSRDB and SAM simulation for PV (

I want to obtain the generation output of approx. 40,000 locations in the US. Thus, I have modified the code shown in the instructions in such a way that reads from a csv file all the locations, downloads the data from NSRDB, computes the power output for each location and saves the output of all of them in a netcdf file.

So far, I have done a test reading the first three locations in the csv. I can do a run for [i] but first I want to make sure that I am allowed to do it.

If I let the model read and download the data from NSRDB of the approx. 40,000 locations one after the other, I may think that there is a possibility that the system identifies such action as an "attack". I may be too precautions, but I wanted to avoid further complications. Am I allowed to systematically request from the url string such amount of locations one after the other?

Tom Hardy

I have found the answer to my question:

Paul Gilman

Hi Tom,

Thank you for sharing that link.

Best regards,

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