No simulation result with Ubuntu 16.10

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No simulation result with Ubuntu 16.10


I installed sam-linux-2016-3-14-r4 on a Ubuntu 16.10 machine.

The software opens, I can select a model and change the parameters.
However, when clicking the Simulate button, a process bar appears and disappears but the main windows still shows the system parameters. No graph, no results.

The error message in the terminal is:
(sam.bin:7973): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_range_set_range: assertion 'min < max' failed

Can you help?

I installed the windows version on the same machine running wine and it works.


Paul Gilman

Dear Pierre,

Please try the suggestions in this post, and let me know if you continue to have trouble:

Best regards,


Paul (and Pierre)

I still encounter the problems I've had previously with the Linux version so use the Windows version with Wine (also on Ubuntu 16.10). I occasionally check the newer versions but accept having to use the Windows version for the moment.


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