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System cost

Dear all,
What is the most suitable way to decide the inputs for system cost page and financial parameters page?
Is it ok, if I take values from SAM 2010 Parabolic Trough Cost Model.xlsx sheet provided in the link after entering appropriate data in to "input value" area of Project Plant Data. Either input by hand or from SAM via Excel Exchange? the edited excel sheet is attached for your reference.

And other thing is, is there any easy way to take an answer for my new problem without using "new support question" option in the support tab(without creating new thread)? Because for me,it is difficult to check post by post and also you also have to answer the same question asked by different members.
Thank you,

Paul Gilman


The values you choose as inputs for the System Costs and Financial Parameters input pages depend on your analysis. The default values, and the values provided in the documents on the System Costs page are reasonable to use for initial simulations as you familiarize yourself with the model, but you will need to do research to find the best values to use for your analysis.

As for managing your posts on the support forum, before posting a new question, I would recommend using the website's Search box to see if there are other posts on your topic. If you find another post related to your question, you can ask your question by posting a comment in response to the original post.

Best regards,

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