Modeling wind with Python SDK

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Modeling wind with Python SDK

I'm having trouble modeling wind with the API instructions found here: . That really only covers solar, and I tried adding the relevant parameters as found here (, but I'm getting errors.

Is there a document outlining how this works or a sample/tutorial simulation file someone could point me to?

Paul Gilman


You are correct that the NSRDB data is intended for modeling of solar energy systems. It does include wind speed data, but that data is measures at 10 meters, and comes from the NASA MERRA dataset. For wind applications, that data can be useful for long term correlation studies of a measured wind data set, but is not very useful for wind power output predictions.

The API documentation and examples should be sufficient for your to access the WIND toolkit data. What errors are you getting?

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Paul, Florin

I have worked with MERRA-2 data at 50m height to produce wind data suitable for input to SAM. This height fits within the constraints imposed by SAM for hub heights up to 80m (or maybe 85m). I'm happy to share my approach if you wish.

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