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Linux SDK Inputs


I've noticed a possible discrepancy in the required inputs for the pvsamv1 module on Linux vs Mac/Windows.

On Mac/Windows, I pass the weather file in "solar_resource_file", but in Linux it says it needs "weather_file" to be set.
Also, "subarray1_derate" is required on Linux, but not in Mac/Windows.

It's unusual because the Shift+F5 export on Linux doesn't seem to export those variables, and they appear to not be listed in the SDKTool. Am I missing something?



Paul Gilman

Hi Anthony,

Please double-check that you have the same version of the SSC dll loaded on your Linux machine as on your Mac and Windows machines. SSC Versions 33 and earlier used weather_file, and SSC Versions 34 and later use solar_resource_file. The latest version is Version 159 (numbered to go with SAM version 3.14, not sequentially from the previous version). The SSC version is in the status bar at the bottom of SDKtool. You can use the "Choose SSC library" button to load different versions of SSC into SDKtool.

As for Shift-F5, if you export the LK script from an older version of SAM, it will export the variables for an older SSC version. You can see the SSC version for the version of SAM you are running from the About window (click About on the Welcome page, or in the Help window.)

Note that in the latest versions of SSC, you can use solar_resource_data to provide the weather data as a table instead of a file.

Best regards,

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