Questions about Power block in CSP

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Harry Han
Questions about Power block in CSP


I have some questions abour the power block.

1) Does the turbine efficiency changed with the load of the unit? As seen in the Wagner Thesis 2008, the turbine efficiency is seemed to be constant number. If so, does it not that accurate especially when operating under TOD schedule?

2) The turbine has two operation modes Fixed pressure and sliding pressure. After many comparisons, I found that the Fixed pressure mode always has higher cycle efficiency, why? Because as we know the sliding pressure operating condition is a better choice in many conditions.

3) How does SAM control the system to match the TOD schedule? Why the output seems not agreed with the TOD schedule even if the weather condition is nice? However when we increase the hours of TES the situation will be improved.

Thank you! I will really appreciate your answers!


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