Cost Data for Power Tower

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Paul Gilman
Cost Data for Power Tower

I've simulated a CSP central receiver plant. My question is: Are all the default economic values (already filled), trustable values for a simultaion in the US country? Can I trust IRENA 2012 (Cost Analysis of Concentrating Solar Power) for the economic values? I wonder if I could know the best source of information from you to fill the economic data.

The default values in SAM are intended to help you get started using the software, and do not represent actual costs for any specific project. Before you use results from SAM in any analysis, you should review all of the inputs and make sure they are appropriate for your analysis.

For information about the default cost data, see the System Cost Data page of this website.

I would expect the IRENA study to be a useful resource, but recommend using it with other resources to determine the costs for your analysis, especially if you are studying current costs.

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