48h Solar irradiance forecasts to PV output

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48h Solar irradiance forecasts to PV output


I'm new to working with SAM, so i was wondering if i could work with it as a conversion tool from solar irradiance data (48h forecasted data with a resolution of 10min) to PV power forecasts, does SAM have this flexibility of loading two days of data and simulate a PV power plant performance. Also, the power plant i have to simulate has many PV technologies, is that feasible and how?

Thanks in advance

Paul Gilman


Yes, SAM can calculate photovoltaic power system output from solar resource data, and it can run sub-hourly simulations, including at a 10-minute time step.

SAM is designed to run a simulation over an entire year, so it requires one year of 10-minute solar resource data. If you only have data for a 48-hour period, you could create a weather file with dummy data for the entire year with your 48 hours worth of data in the rows for the two days that it represents.

I'm not sure what you mean by "many PV technologies." Could you describe in a little more detail what kind of system you want to model?

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Giovani Dávi

I guess what you mean about many PV tecnologias are the PV modules technologies (a-Si, c-Si). In this assumption you must select the PV panels in the SAM database to run your simulations.

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