Exporting SAM Inputs to use in SDK

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Paul Gilman
Exporting SAM Inputs to use in SDK

Is there a way to export data from the SAM software (GUI) to run in the SDK tool?

In SAM 2016.3.14 and earlier, you can press the Shift-F5 keys to generate an LK script that assigns values to all of the SSC inputs for a case that you set up in SAM. You can modify and run that script in SDKtool, or convert it to one of the other languages supported by the SDK.

For the next version of SAM, we are developing a new feature that will export a functioning block of code in LK, C, C#, MATLAB, and Python to make it easier for you start writing your own code to use with SSC.

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Just wanted to say that I just had the same problem of getting started with using the SDK, and the Shift+F5 really helps! Great feature, much appreciated!

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