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Weather Data

I am currently doing a project on a 1MW grid-interfaced PV system.The problem I am encountering is that i cannot find the weather data of Namibia.Can you please help with clear instructions on how i can excess that data



I've done some work with creating weather files for SAM using NASA MERRA data. Feel free to contact me directly if you're interested in following this up.

Kind regards



I am very much interested so how do I contact you directly. Hopefully its via email because I am in Namibia



One way of getting free hourly solar data is SoDa (Solar Radiation Data) Platform.
But you have to transform the file format you download from SoDa in a way that SAM can read (SAM csv, TMY2, TMY3,EPW),
if you can find a quick way of doing that, you can give a try for SoDa platform.

BR, Burhan


(shatipamba) I sent you a Contact request via the Support forum a couple of days ago to enable you to contact me (it may be in your junk/spam folder).

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