2 MW Inverter

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Paul Gilman
2 MW Inverter

I am looking for a 1500 Volt inverter in a 2 MW size, is there anything in SAM’s database?

On the Inverter input page (for the detailed Photovoltaic model), when you choose the Inverter CEC Database option, you can sort the inverters in the list by nameplate power by clicking the Paco column heading in the table. That sorts the inverters by rated AC power in Watts, and you will see that the largest inverter is the SMA SC2200, which is rated at 2 MW with Vdcmax of 1000 V. That seems to be the inverter that most closely matches what you are looking for.

If you want to model an inverter that is not in the library, you can do so by changing the Inverter CEC Database option to Inverter Datasheet. Then you can enter the inverter parameters from the manufacturer datasheet for any inverter you like.

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