Tower height not reported in parametric study

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Tower height not reported in parametric study

I put together a basic 100MWe power tower. I checked the boxes for Always Optimize and Always layout automatically.

When I run specific cases of various mirror slope errors, the system optimizes and the tower height changes, due to the need of more heliostats (larger field) when poor slope error.

If I run a parametric study over a range of 8 different slope errors, I see 8 processes all optimizing. The output LCOE matches that determined by individual runs, as does the number of heliostats. However, the tower height, receiver height, and receiver aspect ratio remain fixed in the parametric table output, and do not match the individual runs.

It appears the program runs and optimizes properly. However, it does not provide the correct number in the output spreadsheet for these (and possibly other) parameters.

I also notice on a single run, with the always checkboxes checked, the tower height is properly reported in the "Single Data" outputs, but it is not entered into the tower and receiver pages. If I manually press the layout and optimize buttons, the tower and receiver input pages are properly updated. I suspect this is a related issue to the parametric study output issue.


Paul Gilman

Hi Chuck,

I see what you mean. We're investigating, and I will report back as soon as I learn more.

Best regards,

OK, thanks


Any progress on this bug?

My only option right now is painful, running each case as a separate manual case, instead of setting up an overnight parametric run.


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