Integration between SAM and E+

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Integration between SAM and E+


I am new to SAM. I have a building model with installed rooftop PV in EnergyPlus. The modeled PV system shades the building's roof and lowers its utility purchased electricity consumption. I want to simulate the same PV system with storage battery for the modeled building; since EnergyPlus does not have a more developed PV + battery model I am inclined towards using SAM. Can the E+ model be transferred to SAM and a battery model available in SAM added to the existing PV system and its charge/discharge operation controlled?

Paul Gilman


We have not developed a utility to transfer data between SAM and EnergyPlus. You would have to design the system in SAM to be equivalent to the system you designed in EnergyPlus.

You posted your question on the SDK forum, so I'm not sure if you are asking about running SAM's PV model (pvsamv1) via the SAM API or in the SAM user interface. In either case the answer is the same, although if you are writing code to run pvsamv1 via the API, there may be a way to automate translating the EnergyPlus inputs into SAM inputs.

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