P50/P90 wind data

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P50/P90 wind data

Hello, I am currently trying to create a test simulation for calculating the P50/P90 values. However I am having a lot of difficulty in finding suitable wind data (formats, yearly values for 10+ years). Can you please tell me where I can find such suitable data to run a basic simulation? The region does not matter as I just want to run a successful p50/p90 simulation.
Thanks in advance.

Paul Gilman


NREL provides access to data measured at the National Wind Technology center since 1996 on the website below. You can use the website to download average hourly data for single years.

For a description of the SAM's SRW file format, please see the "Weather File Formats" topic in SAM's Help system (under Weather Data in the table of contents). You can also use one of the SRW files in the wind resource library that comes with SAM as a model for developing your own files.


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Thank you very much for your reply.

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