Seeking weather data file for Pakistan

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Moazzam Husain
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Seeking weather data file for Pakistan


I could not locate a weather datafile for Pakistan on the SAM System Advisor Model. It is not in the list of countries.

When I tried to download it using the Download a weather file from NREL Solar Prospector button, it comes back with a message saying "Failed to decompress downloaded weather data.

How can I get the Pakistan weather data file? I'm looking at PV Solar.


Paul Gilman

Dear Moazzam Husain,

The link in this support forum post is for a website with NREL data for a few locations in Pakistan. The data there is not in one of the file formats that SAM can read, but you can use the data to create your own SAM CSV file.

Please see the SAM Help system for a descriptio nof the SAM CSV file format. You can find examples of the format in the solar_resource folder of your SAM installation.

Best regards,

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