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Paul Gilman
Case File

Is there an example file for a biopower system?

If you want to see an example of a system in SAM, just create a case with the combination of performance model and financial model for the project you want to investigate. Here are step-by-step instructions to see an example of a biopower system; you can use the same technique to start modeling a photovoltaic, wind, or other type of system:

  1. Start SAM.
  2. If you have not yet registered your copy of the software, follow the prompts to register it.
  3. In the Welcome window, click Start a new project, and choose the Biomass combustion option with whatever financial model you want to use.

    For a small system that supplies a local load, choose Commercial (distributed). For a larger power generation project, choose PPA Single Owner (utility) . You can also choose LCOE calculator (FCR method) for a simple financial model, or No financial model to look only at the system's performance.

  4. SAM will create a fully functional case. You can review the inputs and click Simulate to explore the results.

As you familiarize yourself with the model, you can make changes to the inputs to model a specific system.

You can refer to SAM's Help system for more instructions and information about the different models.

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