Model for Dish Stirling System

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Model for Dish Stirling System


Im doing a research in a novel equipment that will be installed in Brazil. Its a CSP from INNOVA, Trinum - Solar dish stirling system that produces electrical and thermal energy for residencial application:

In the next weeks I'll build the Trinum model to simulating in SAM software but there is lack of information from Trinum's datasheet.

So I would like to know if there is some kind of default values to use in the simulation.

For now, I'm interested just in estimating the annual energy production. Is there any parameter that is not relevant?


Roberto Simplicio

Paul Gilman

Dear Roberto,

SAM's dish Stirling model is based on empirical data from the Stirling Energy Systems designs, and so may be limited in its ability to model the systems you are researching. You can use the model to do some preliminary investigation. You may want to read the description of the model in the Fraser 2008 thesis "Stirling Dish System Performance Prediction Model." You can find a link to download the paper in SAM's Help system or on the Performance Model Documentation page of this website.

Best regards,

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