Does not accept new time series load data

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Does not accept new time series load data

I must input a new time series data for the city of Fortaleza in Brazil. I have converted the information retrieved from Energy Plus (8760 values) from Excel to tex values.
When I try to change the energy usage data and import the new text file, I receive a message saying that the time serie is incomplete (only 765 found) and the electric load is not updated.
I am working with the SAM 2015.6.30 on a MAC OS X 10.10.4.
I am adding the txt file with the demand time series.

Paul Gilman


There are a couple of problems with the data in the load data file you attached that is giving SAM trouble:

  • In Lines 8761 and 8763 there are extra values (Line 8761 Column 4 and Line 8763 Column 3).
  • Each row had two tabs to the right of the data.

Here is what those last lines look like in a text editor configured to show all characters:

screenshot of last few lines of load data file in text editor

I was able to fix your file by deleting the extra columns in the last three lines of the file, and deleting all of the tabs.

Best regards,

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