Hourly AC gross power in 'pvsamv1'

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Hourly AC gross power in 'pvsamv1'


I'm having problems finding hourly "ac_gross" value in DSK api Version 2015-6-30.
I have noticed that "ac_net" was replaced by "gen", but I can't find analog for ac power before losses values; only annual number is there.
Looks like SAM desktop doesn't have it too.
Was it permanently killed?


Paul Gilman

Hi Igor,

In previous versions of SAM and SSC, the curtailment and availability factors (adjust in SSC) were part of the financial model modules rather than the performance model modules. That made things a little confusing: For pvsamv1, ac_gross was the output of the inverter, ac_net was the output after the AC derate factor was applied, and the annualoutput module calculated hourly_energy, which was the derated AC output after the availability and curtailment factors were applied.

In the current version, gen is the only system output value, and it is calculated by pvsamv1. It accounts for all losses, including the AC losses (wiring, transformer) and curtailment and availability.

Best regards,

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