can't register latest sam

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can't register latest sam

On a number of previous occasions you have sent me registration keys however on all those occasion when I enter them it returns me to the trial window with ever diminishing trial runs. Now I have none left and I can't open SAM what should I do??? It has been very frustrating particularly since I have just purchased data fro Weather and I can't open Sam

Paul Gilman

In the latest version of SAM (2015.1.30 with March 30th patch), there is a Proxies button on the Registration window. If you click that button, and then click OK in the Configure Proxies window without typing anything, SAM creates an empty proxy.txt file in the SAM installation folder that will prevent SAM from starting correctly. If that happens, you should delete the proxy.txt file -- otherwise, SAM tries to connect through a proxy address with no value. We will fix that in the next version of SAM.

The easiest way to find the proxy.txt file might be to use your operating system's (Windows or OS X) search capability.

In Windows, the file is in the same folder that contains the sam.exe file, which by default is C:\SAM\2015.1.30\x64 or C:\SAM\2015.1.30\win32.

In OS X, the files SAM uses are stored in the SAM package. To see the files, in the Finder, control-click the SAM icon, and then choose Show Package Contents from the shortcut menu. Then, expand the Contents list, and double-click MacOS to find the file.

Best regards,


Dear Paul,

I am not able to run SAM in office due to proxy server issue. However, I am able use SAM at home where there is no proxy server to connect to internet. I tried every method suggested in the forum but I am not able use SAM with my office internet connection. (I am using Windows 64-bit system).

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance!

Siva Krishna

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